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Tell us what you need. If you have a vehicle problem, describe it as best as you can. For example, “My steering wheel vibrates when I press my brakes,” or “I hear a ‘tick tick tick’ every time I turn left.”

Be ready to provide some vehicle information as follows:
-Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #): This is optional, but it can be very helpful in expediting quotes or services. You can find this on your vehicle registration card. It is a 17 digit alphanumeric sequence.

Choose a place, date, and time. We’ll try to make sure we can meet your request, but if there is a scheduling conflict, don’t worry. We will always work with you.

Mobile Benz Service will meet you at the scheduled date, time, and location. Before any work begins, a repair order form will be completed and signed by the customer. Only work approved by the customer will be completed. When parts must be ordered, we will call you when the parts have been received to schedule another service.

Payment for completed services are due at the time of work completion. However, all special ordered parts will require prepayment for the parts only. We accept cash, check, credit card, and PayPal.